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December 2020

Radio Times Heralds Joe Wicks Podcast As One Of The Best Of 2020

The Radio Times asks the question..."How much do so many owe one man?". 


The answer to that still remains under development as we venture into the new unknown of Lockdown 3.0.  It would seem his character-defining zest for life; his embrace of the importance mindfulness has on our wellbeing; his healthy attitude and infectious energy and enthusiasm in everything he does, is likely to continue to fuel the firebox of the lives of his fans, supporters and advocates for some time yet. 


As if his huge following on social media wasn't testament enough, his daily workout sessions released for the enjoyment of the public at large the world over on Youtube and his new cookbook complete with physical training plan and his new mobile app, go even further to prove the fruits of his relentless effort in keeping a nation fighting fit during this time of uncertainty and strain on the country's health itself. 


He has always been seen as a charitable man so had little to prove in that department, but his olympic effort in managing to stay both awake and upright long enough to perform 24 straight hours of P.E With Joe live on the BBC as part of a bid to raise over £2 Million for Children In Need single handedly has surely placed him somewhere into the stratosphere where the legends of our time are looked up to. 


The success of Joe's podcast on Radio 4 featuring interviews with his closest celebrity friends about what they are doing for themselves to keep healthy and fit is also increasing, having already been singled out as one of the Best podcasts of the 2020 and being awarded 'Podcast Show Of The Year' by Apple Podcasts. 


I was honoured to have won the commission to create a title music and themes for the podcast series that reflected his personality and the energy and fun he exudes whenever he talks to people.  From the slightly grainy image of my webcam looking upon his living room floor as he bashes out three sets of gruelling squat-lunges with annoying ease, I'm not so sure if he isn't hiding a red cape and spandex underwear under his gym kit, but 'SuperJoe' has undoubtedly lifted the spirits and carried a nation into what will hopefully be a healthier and happier 2021. Best of luck Joe, we are rooting for you. 


Click on the images above to read the RadioTimes article or listen to the Joe Wicks Theme.  You can also read the You Magazine article here.

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