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Read all about it! Some of the campaigns and films I have worked on have caught the headlines and even won awards! Use the gallery below to take you to the articles and related works.

Anchor 1 ISA Winner

September 2023

Ocra Security Double Award Win At ISA 2023!

News as big as a whale for the Orca Security team as they scoop not one, but two awards at the International Sound Awards 2023 in Hamburg.  The work for the sonic identity - a personal collaboration with New York-based composer Amnon Freidlin and led by the creative team at Sonic Minds in Denmark - was presented with "Better Sound" in the Audio Marketing category and "Winner" of the Audio Branding category this year. Each project was assessed by at least four jury members on a specialist panel made up of international CEOs, Executive Producers, Innovators Of Audio Technology, Scientists, Computer Engineers, UX Designers, Musicologists, Advertisers and Copywriters, Audio Strategists, Managing Directors, Researchers, Professors and Musicians, each eminent in their fields of study and bringing their individual wealth of knowledge and experience to the competition.  The entries were then graded with a points score from 1 to 10 based on levels of criteria such as innovation, sound production, utility and effectiveness in evoking the desired emotional response that each work displays through the use of sound.