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December 2020

Radio Times Heralds Joe Wicks Podcast As One Of The Best Of 2020

The Radio Times asks the question..."How much do so many owe one man?". 


The answer to that still remains under development as we venture into the new unknown of Lockdown 3.0.  It would seem his character-defining zest for life; his embrace of the importance mindfulness has on our wellbeing; his healthy attitude and infectious energy and enthusiasm in everything he does, is likely to continue to fuel the firebox of the lives of his fans, supporters and advocates for some time yet. 


As if his huge following on social media wasn't testament enough, his daily workout sessions released for the enjoyment of the public at large the world over on Youtube and his new cookbook complete with physical training plan and his new mobile app, go even further to prove the fruits of his relentless effort in keeping a nation fighting fit during this time of uncertainty and strain on the country's health itself. 


He has always been seen as a charitable man so had little to prove in that department, but his olympic effort in managing to stay both awake and upright long enough to perform 24 straight hours of P.E With Joe live on the BBC as part of a bid to raise over £2 Million for Children In Need single handedly has surely placed him somewhere into the stratosphere where the legends of our time are looked up to. 


The success of Joe's podcast on Radio 4 featuring interviews with his closest celebrity friends about what they are doing for themselves to keep healthy and fit is also increasing, having already been singled out as one of the Best podcasts of the 2020 and being awarded 'Podcast Show Of The Year' by Apple Podcasts. 


I was honoured to have won the commission to create a title music and themes for the podcast series that reflected his personality and the energy and fun he exudes whenever he talks to people.  From the slightly grainy image of my webcam looking upon his living room floor as he bashes out three sets of gruelling squat-lunges with annoying ease, I'm not so sure if he isn't hiding a red cape and spandex underwear under his gym kit, but 'SuperJoe' has undoubtedly lifted the spirits and carried a nation into what will hopefully be a healthier and happier 2021. Best of luck Joe, we are rooting for you. 


Click on the images above to read the RadioTimes article or listen to the Joe Wicks Theme.  You can also read the You Magazine article here.


July 2020

Dave Reynaud Joins Composers To Pay Tribute To Music Maestro: Ennio Morricone

July this year saw the sad departure of one of cinema and music's greatest contributors.  The late Ennio Morricone has, with the most immense passion and talent for musical composition; through the most learned theoretical teachings, characteristic research and experimentation towards any project has gone on to mass perhaps one of the greatest and most memorable portfolios of any film and TV music composer of his generation.  So many composers today, young and old, will have been influenced in some way by his sound, and if not influenced by it, will almost certainly recognise his musical signatures and leit motifs for which a multitude of his scores have become equally as famous as the films themselves.  In such a unique and remarkable way was he was able to give his themes such character and meaning as to become virtually synonymous with the symbols and emotions he chose for them to represent.  I was asked, for Mcasso by LBB Online to join a host of Composers, Music Supervisors and Producers to reflect on the life of a personality whose work changed the sound of the cinematic score forever and what of his influences have had the most impact. Read the full article here or by clicking on either of the images above.


June 2020

The Guardian Reviews BBC's ReThink - The Show That Reflects On A Post-Covid World 

Through a series of case studies, interviews and points of view, BBC Radio 4's Amol Rajan presents ReThink - A new show to pull in to focus the fundamental changes to the ways of life the country and the world are now seeing brought about by the pandemic.  The theme music I created aims to reflect the ideas based on the arising need to apply fresh thinking to the mainstay traditions and occurrences of modern life and to create an a intriguing accompanying theme and music bed that reflects the shows confidence and import without become too newsy, providing the breathing space essential for the broad range of emotional responses and reactions triggered by the information and statistics delivered by their correspondants.  Click on the images above to read The Guardian article or listen to the BBC Radio 4 ReThink Theme.


January 2020

"Do-Be-Do-Pee-Dwee-pe-doo".  Dave Reynaud Brings You The Lick

Just what is ...."The Lick"?    Well, if you were to ask musician they might describe it as a brief succession of notes to begin or end a musical phrase. Using these, a player can embellish and vary an otherwise uninteresting or plain tune. Beyond this, it arguably marks the difference between an average performance and a virtuoso one. Licks can flavour your track with flare and gift it with groove.


The study of The Lick has become a fixation for many, spawning an appreciation society on Facebook, hour-long video montages on YouTube and even modern compositions based solely on the use of its now ubiquitous seven notes. There have also been various opinions on how it should be scored. (see pic above). While licks may come in all shapes and sizes and will generally continue to form the basic construct for any musician’s language, countless repetitions of the The Lick keep popping up. Quick, slow: smooth or sharp; it would seem The Lick has been found in almost every guise, somehow embedding itself in the musical sub-conscious and undergoing a stealth-like evolution all of its own.


With so many examples being found in recent years, The Lick itself has almost become somewhat of a cliché and henceforth, an “in joke” among players.  One thing is for sure though, and that is that no one really knows who was first to come up with it, which makes it even more surprising why such a thing should become subject of so much imitation and variation in the first place.


Love it or hate it, it looks like The Lick is here to stay!

Click on the images above to read the full LLB article or to have a listen to The Lick. 


November 2018

BBC Launches Brand New All-Encompassing Music App

This month saw the launch of the new Pan-BBC app providing the hub for listeners to get their daily fill from the full spectrum of BBC Music, Radio and Podcasts. Similarly to platforms like Spotify or Soundcloud, BBC Sounds offers a constant stream of audio content for their users which will recommend new things based on what they have been listening to.  I won the commission for Mcasso to find the perfect sonic counterpoint for the platforms new visual idents. The BBC team required a unique piece of sound design that echoed the idea that BBC Sounds would provide the heartbeat for the BBC Music platform. Click on the links above to read more about the project and listen to the new sound.


Click on the images above to read the full article in Creative Review and listen to the BBC Sounds logo. 


March 2018

Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign Wins 'Best Commissioned Animation' At The B.A.A's 



Seed Animation Studio grab the award for 'Best Commissioned Animation' for this tongue-in-cheek online spot to raise awareness of the importance of checking yourself for breast cancer.  Many of the company's favourite animators from around the world contributed, with each team allowed just a 1 sec slot in which to bring an especially chosen word for breasts to life in a style of animation they wished. 


Click on the link and images above to read to more and watch the Breast Cancer Awareness film.